About Us

The idea for proposalsforNGOs came out of discussions of what grassroots NGOs need to thrive and what we can do to reach more NGOs with capacity-building resources.

proposalsforNGOs believes that local and grassroots NGOs can be productive, positive forces for change in the world if they have access to tools and knowledge to apply themselves and gain resources. Our mission is to reach these NGOs and connect them with expert advice on proposal writing to get their amazing projects funded.

proposalsforNGOs is an online community for global development professionals with the goal of increasing the sustainability of NGOs around the world. The enormous growth in funding opportunities, as well as NGOs over time, has made fundraising more competitive. Today,  donor proposal requirements have become more complex and proposals of higher quality are required to succeed. On our site, you will find articles about everything related to proposal writing – definitions, tips, samples, and insights.

proposalsforNGOs is a service of Philantropia Inc.

Philantropia specializes in advising and supporting NGOs, civil society organizations, and social enterprises on international fundraising and philanthropy. We offer a wide range of tools and online training courses to help you fundraise better.

What we offer

  • Everything you need to know about proposal writing
  • Tips for upgrading your fundraising strategy from our experienced experts
  • Resource guides about different topics related to proposal writing
  • Online and in-house training to provide tools and technique supporting organizational growth
  • Database for Training Opportunities near you

proposalsforNGOs is NOT a funding organization, nor are we a proposal writing organization. We do not provide grants, we do not fundraise, we do not write proposals, we do not connect NGOs to proposal writers. What we do is provide the resources NGOs need to build long-term internal capacity to provide these services for themselves. Proposal writing is a skill most NGOs will need throughout the entire institutional lifetime of the NGO, so it is important to build these skills early and keep them within the organization.

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