Online Fundraising

  • Venue: Online, Global
  • Training Provider: Philantropia

Online Fundraising is something that seems to be on everybody’s mind these days. Digitalization has always been important, but after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, more and more people have realized how crucial it is to keep normal life going. Online tools are essential in all areas of life, and they also will be in fundraising, so it is vital for all organizations to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and tools of online fundraising.

To say it very plainly – the future is online. More and more tasks are moved online and people use the internet with more ease than ever. We work online, shop online, date online – it has become a normal part of our life. If fundraisers want to be successful in the long term, they have to be in the same spot to be seen.

Who can attend

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • NGOs
  • Government professionals

What will you get

  • In this online course, you will learn all the essentials of online fundraising. We will talk about the importance of online fundraising, the most important tools, and how to use them successfully.

Application process

Fee information: $75