The Concept Note – Resource Guide

The Concept Note is often the first document NGOs send to a new donor – so it is even more important, that it is really conclusive. In this resource guide, we have put together all of our knowledge and our most important tips about the concept note.

The resource guide `The Concept Note` is a must-have for everyone- Proposal writers, NGO managers, development professionals for local and international NGOs.

This Guide aims to:

  • Provide holistic understandings of the grant application process, the purpose of the concept note and its parts, and tips on writing a concept note.
  • Assist international development workers in applying for grants from institutional donors, including private foundations, government embassies, and development agencies.
  • Increase the quality of grant applications for projects around the world.

Also included in this package is:

  • A full concept note template
  • A list of donors that fund Corona related causes
  • 15 sample concept notes to learn from

Join us today to lift your fundraising to the next level!

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